How to cope with infidelity?


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    December 28, 2015 at 9:09 pm

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    As a life coach who works with people who have cheated, or been cheated on…..this is a big question.

    The first thing is to understand that the real reason infidelity hurts so much, is because it brings up our own sense of not being ‘good enough.’ Something that existed inside of us before this ever happened. Something that we may not have dealt with and an infidelity can make us believe that we now have ‘proof’ that we aren’t good enough. However, it’s also an opportunity to heal that inside of ourselves. To love ourselves and become the person we were meant to be. Therefore, it can be a genuine gift.

    As for the healing, It first takes an understanding of the real reasons people cheat. A decision as to whether the relationship is fixable (or even worth fixing) and then some real and deep inner work. To look at the how’s and why’s of who we attract as our partners. To recognize where it went wrong (could have been getting into the relationship from the beginning). To genuinely understand our own weaknesses, choices and mistakes and to forgive OURSELVES so that we may find the love and compassion for ourselves that is absolutely required in order to attract the love we deserve. Whether that is with this partner, or the next one.

    Infidelity doesn’t have to happen TO you. It most certainly can happen FOR you.

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